Plant Riverside District

Bringing Savannah’s Entertainment District to life.


Internal and External Branding

Talent Acquisition Strategy

Digital Design and Development

Growth Strategies and Sales/Service Integration

A historic transformation along Savannah’s iconic riverfront.

Plant Riverside District began as Richard Kessler’s vision to reunite Savannah with its beloved river. This major urban development project transformed the city’s once-abandoned power plant into a major tourist destination, generating non-stop energy for The Kessler Collection as Savannah’s Entertainment District. But before there was a collection of experiences, including luxury hotel stays, dining, entertainment, high-end shopping and even a natural history museum, Plant Riverside District needed a foundation. We started by defining a vision for the District itself, along with branded experiences for more than a dozen restaurants, lounges, shops and venues, that would deliver on the promise of the Kessler vision.

Bringing this new destination to life meant everything–from working with the City of Savannah to name it, to helping the Kessler team attract and choose restaurants, retail and entertainment, and creating a brand strategy to align the different experiences.

Plant Riverside District

We integrated Plant Riverside District’s hotel brand, the JW Marriott, and then extended the Kessler brand throughout the entire District—uniting outside retailers with a suite of more than a dozen brands we developed from the ground up.

Plant Riverside District

Then we created branded experiences across the entire District, from menus and building signage to drink coasters and pizza boxes.

Myrtle & Rose
Myrtle & Rose

With a thoughtful and impactful brand and marketing strategy, Plant Riverside District has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Southeast—for travelers and job seekers alike.

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