ASU Prep Digital

Preparing over 400,000 students for college, careers and life.



Internal and External Brand Development

Digital Design and Development

Employer Brand / Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Digital Education Innovation and Curriculum Design

Prep for college. Prep for careers. Prep for life.

ASU is the largest university in the U.S. and consistently ranked as the most innovative. So when they decided to create an online high school for students around the world, we knew they would go big. With large goals and a tight budget they needed to be ultra-efficient in finding students, telling their story and staffing the school.

We built their brand from the inside out, using the website to tell impactful student stories. This not only differentiated them from the competition, but also helped the internal team and their partners understand the organization’s purpose and vision.

The ASU team created a passionate culture for students and staff. We leveraged that community of raving fans to attract new students and team members while scaling from 40 to 4,000 enrollments.

Integrated campaigns used organic content and automated marketing tools to nurture leads through the enrollment cycle.


We helped shape the next generation learning experience by designing digital courses for both K–12 students and staff professional development. The innovative approach attracted licensing opportunities from schools around the U.S. driving overall enrollments to over 400,000.

To improve student performance we needed to engage students at the next level, so we created a series of immersive experiences that combined discovery learning with 3D game technologies and partnered with Google to stream them to any student on any device.

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