We build business through human connection—because we believe in the power of people.


Knight, a Meraki Investments company, is a creative consultancy with expertise in purpose and performance, learning and development and brand marketing.

We connect strategy and story to drive belief, behaviors and belonging. Our work leads to individual fulfillment, team contribution and company performance.

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Since 1994

Since we opened our doors, of course the world has changed. We began in publishing, pioneered the dot com days. No matter what was going on, we stayed busy through multiple economic downturns because we believe in the combination of people, hard work and thinking about challenges as opportunities.

Looking back on the best-of’s in our portfolio, we realized our success was always centered in the creation of human connection—with our clients, their teams and their consumers.


After 30 years in business with tenured clients and a team we call friends, our inside-out approach has become increasingly relevant. And while the world, economy and workforce changes, purpose is no longer a nice-to-have but a market requirement.

The landscape will always be changing, but one belief has proven true every time—business should be personal or don’t waste your time.