ASU Prep Values Journey

Transforming organizational values into a meaningful, personal journey.

ASU Prep Values Journey


Employer Brand/Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Culture Code; Purpose, Values & Behaviors, Belonging

Communication & Engagement Strategy

Culture, Values and Behaviors Learning Journey

Connecting to a deeper purpose at work.

ASU Prep is an innovative K–12 school network serving more than 7,000 full-time students in the U.S. and around the world. With the majority of their team members comprised of instructors, ASU Prep was seeking a way to help educators reconnect with their love for teaching while learning about and upholding the organization’s core values.

The ASU team already has a passionate internal culture. Our goal was to focus their enthusiasm to help their team members understand their purpose to achieve lasting impact.

ASU Prep Values Journey

Instead of another typical training session, we reimagined a way for team members to learn about the organization's values while gaining a deeper understanding of themselves. We call it the ASU Prep Values Journey.

ASU Prep Values Journey content

Through an interactive e-learning journey, team members uncovered science-backed behaviors aligned to ASU Prep’s values, activities for growing as an individual, and strategies for contributing to a larger, shared purpose.

ASU Prep Values Behaviors

We helped roll out the ASU Prep Values Journey over the course of a year. Newly hired team members had the opportunity to attend rewarding, enriching sessions designed to help them uncover their strengths, passions, and purpose.

ASU Prep Values Journey Basecamp screens

Along the way, team members used the ASU Prep Values journey map to keep track of their growth, capture their passions and goals, and facilitate meaningful discussions with their leader as part of ASU Prep’s yearly performance review process.

ASU Prep Values Journey map

ASU Prep team members found the journey to be a rewarding experience, with 90% saying they discovered how ASU Prep’s values can help them feel more connected to their work.

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