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Honoring a family legacy, building for the future

MetroNational is a 70-year old investment, development and management company in Houston, Texas. They are most known for Memorial City, a community within the community, with shopping, hotels, residencies, a hospital and places to gather and make memories. First, we established that the business strategy was pivoting, from development to a true destination brand. This meant that they would need to engage their team members differently to empower them to deliver on this new strategy.

We began by assessing their current culture, to ensure they could carry forward what got them this far while paving a path for everyone to contribute and grow into the future.

We developed their Purpose, to build better lives, which connected the very foundation of their family company to the impact they can make in the future.

Their purpose was rolled out in their first-ever company town hall—with a strong endorsement and narrative from their CEO.

We developed their refreshed set of company values and behaviors, working in partnership with their Executive Leadership Team and Culture Committee to ensure they represented the collective beliefs of the company. We created a printed and digital playbook and Leader Conversation Series to begin bringing the words to action.

To help them achieve their business strategy and become a destination brand, we are working in partnership with their CHRO and Chief Experience Officer on Brand Service Standards, to train every team member on how to deliver a reimagined level of service.

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